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ABOUT MIRARunners 我肯同路

「MIRARunners我肯同路」是一個可持續的馬拉松跑者培育社區項目,由香港的Candice Ma與肯亞的Lukas Wambua Muteti於2017年共同創辦,項目目的是:

  • 協助受過專業訓練但在本土缺乏工作機會的的肯亞跑手發展其馬拉松的專業

  • 通過肯亞馬拉松教練專業培訓,以實體及網上形式培育來自世界各地的任何年紀路跑愛好者

  • 連繫世界已發展城市和肯亞的跑手和其社區建立友誼,通過活動互動交流提高城市人的身心健康與改變肯尼亞人的基本生活需要。

MIRARunners is...

a sustainable marathon runner nurturing community project co-founded by Candice Ma from Hong Kong and Lukas Wambua Muteti from Kenya in 2017 with the objectives of:

  • empowering Kenyan young runners lacking jobs in the country to develop their marathon career,

  • nurturing people of all ages from every parts of the world through online and face to face professional marathon running training,

  • connecting runners from different developed cities and Kenyan runners to build friendship and interactivity so as to improve the physical and mental health of the city runners, alleviate lives of Kenyan’s underprivileged runners.



Candice Ma is a outdoor activist and her top three sports are distance running, tennis and Taichi quan. She enjoys sports so much that she also interested in exploring the dynamic of sports on people, society and corporates' social responsibility. She founded MIRARunners to connect and nurture sports lovers for social good cause. She is a marketing leader in information technology industry and graduated from the University of Strathlyde and Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her blogposts can be found on and some were featured as the most popular blogposts.

Candice Ma 酷愛戶外活動,積極參予長跑及網球訓練之餘,也醉心鑽研太極拳。在享受運動帶來身心樂趣的同時,她亦關注運動如何在人、社會和企業的互動中發展作用, 更身體力行創立MIRARunners連繫及培養世界各地的運動愛好者及以此為志的青少年。Candice 是資深的跨國科技公司區域營銷顧問, 畢業於香港中文大學及蘇格蘭Strathclyde 大學。她撰寫的網誌已累積過萬閱讀人次,可於運動筆記香港網站瀏覽。


Lukas Wambua Muteti is a passionate and performance-driven international professional road runner from Kenya. Born in Machakos county in the Eastern Province of Kenya, he started his athletic career at the age of 20 tour around Europe and Asia for training city runners and marathon races. Co-founding MIRARunners with Candice, Lukas has brought the best marathoner's spirit and training to the city runners and helped many serious runners to discover their talents and will power in achieving their goals in races, as well as channeling the love and concerns for underprivileged runners from the city runners in everywhere to the world.

Lukas Wambua Muteti是來自肯尼亞的一個充滿熱忱和以表現驅動的國際專業公長跑運動員。他出生在肯尼亞東部的Machakos縣,他在2008年完成學業後20歲時開始他的歐洲及亞洲職業運動

生涯。過去3年他跑遍大中華地區的馬拉松比賽,希望能透過長跑培育更多世界各地及家鄉的年青人,帶來生命的轉化。Lucans與Candice共同創立了MIRARunners,將最好的馬拉松運動員的精神和訓練帶給了城市跑者,並幫助許多認真的跑步者發現了才華,並將有力量實現他們在比賽中的目標,並傳遞遍布世界各地的城市跑步者對弱勢跑步者的愛和關心 。

We welcome supporters and friends from every part of the world. You don't need to be a runner to...
  • 2017 Jan Founding of MIRARunners我肯同路

  • 2018 Successful completion of first crowdfunding with Dreamna crowdfunding platform

  • 2018-2019 Second-hand running gear collection for Kenyan underprivileged runners

  • 2018 Sponsored Peter’s first overseas marathon race tour in Taiwan and Yangon of Asia

  • 2018 Oct Launched MIRACoffee, home-grown coffee bean by Kenyan runner’s farm for city runners

  • 2018 & 2019 Supported MUSE Fearless Dragon Run by Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society

  • 2018 Built clean water collection tank for Kenyan runner community

  • 2019 School tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan on the growth story of a professional Kenyan Runner

  • 2019-2020 Underprivileged marathon runner Christmas gathering and gift deliver in Kenya

  • 2016 -on-going Online and face to face marathong training to financially support Kenyan underprivileged runners community’s basic needs.

  • 2017年1月 創辦MIRARunners我肯同路

  • 2018年 經Dreamna眾籌平台嚴格審核成功完成第一次眾籌

  • 2018 -2019 年二手路跑用品籌集活動

  • 2018年 第一位素人肯亞跑者Peter成功首次踏足亞洲比賽

  • 2018年 於「啡嚐跑道」活動推出MIRACoffee 肯亞馬拉松跑手的肯亞種植咖啡豆

  • 2018及2019年 香港傷健共融網絡猛龍慈善跑大使

  • 2018年 建築肯亞跑者社區潔淨食水缸

  • 2019年 於香港及台北中學分享成為專業馬拉松跑手的成長經驗及培訓

  • 2019-2020年 肯亞馬拉松跑手聖誕慈惠聚

  • 2016至今 馬拉松網上及實體培訓,撥出經費以支持肯亞跑者社區基本生活所需

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