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Kenyan Style Personalisd Online Training 2021

High Altitude Kenyan Marathon Training  Camp Skills for City Runners

Media Coverage of Coach Lukas' Kenyan Running Tips and his passion.

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Our Coach Lukas has extensive training experience with city runners from all over the world. All personalised plans are based on your condition.  Enroll Now.

Are you ...?

Why runners train with 
  • Runners experience bottlenecks in improving their pace or endurance

  • Runners who had followed various plans but did not see improvements 

  • Runners who want to experience the world's championship mode of training

  • Runners who appreciate the running talents of runners in a underprivileged environment and want to show support while having quality training.

  • Runners who want to achieve a new goal ( from beginner to advanced)

  • Competitive runners who need second opinion and advices

Online training benefits:

What can I take away?
  • Personalised Training Plans

  • Coach weekly review of your running via instant messenger in person ( that's why spots are limited) 

  • Running technique and recovery tips 

  • Race tips for your upcoming race or target to be achieved

  • Gratitude from Kenyan runners who will benefited from MIRARunners support as part of your training fees.

I can't wait to start...

How to enrol?
  • You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire for the coach to understand your condition and goal.

  • Be ready to commit yourself for at least 2 month of training to get the real substance of your body's transformation.

  • Click here to fill in the form and we will contact you in 24 hours.

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